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the pathways October 8, 2009

Filed under: giestha days,life — giestha @ 7:17 pm

Zero eight one zero zero eight…
The first pahtway
I’ve been dreaming..
It was so obviously beautiful
Sparkling colorful
So real…yet its unreal..

Zero eight one zero zero nine…
The pathway
I had never ever dreamt of
The laughters, the tears
The warm stranger whisperer
So unreal…yet its real..

Is this The path I destined?


One Response to “the pathways”

  1. Colt Gibson Says:

    Thanks for putting together the pathways [this blog is not mine] I am enjoying your posts. Would you consider a guest post? You can see my post style at http://timwicks.com.au and certainly I would be interested in having you post an article or two on my blog, what do you think?

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