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the new babies born: day two May 8, 2008

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hehe, setelah dua hari jadi stalker berusaha dapet poto, istilah kerennya, stalkerazzy, akhirnya dapet juga poto si hami sama seekor bebi nya..hehe tapi gambarnya kecil banget sih.. ๐Ÿ˜›


maap, belum berani ambil potonya dari jarak dekat, tapi pernah juga sih sekali bebinya terlihat, cuma gak sempet ke poto udah disembunyiin lagi ma haminyah..tapi ya kurang lebih seperti anak tikus, merah, kecil, menggeliat geliat ๐Ÿ˜› lucuuu banget ๐Ÿ˜€
trus mereka tuh, sukanya menempel di perut ibunyah, kemanapun ibunyah pergi ikut aja sambil menggelantung di perut si hami..kadang lepas juga sih, nah kalo udah lepas, sama si hami diambilnya sambil digigit, trus dipindahin lagi ke tempat tidur mereka.
nah, tempat tidurnya, biasanya sih si ibu udah membuatnya dari sobekan tissue, tissuenya kita yang ngasih..tapi pelan pelan ngasihnya kalau bisa nggak bersuara dan nggak terlihat si haminya.


oh iyah ini sedikit tips dari wikiHow ๐Ÿ˜‰
# Look for the babies. You will know the babies will be born soon when the female becomes particularly restless. She wanders around her cage, gathering food and nesting material for her nest. Then labor begins: you see her uterus starting to heave and tiny pink bodies begin to emerge. One by one they are born while she is on the move in her cage, and one by one she carefully picks them up in her mouth and brings them back to the nest. It is during this time and the days that follow that you must take extra care not to disturb her. If she leaves any pups lying around the cage you MUST NOT TOUCH them. If really necessary, rub a spoon well into the sawdust and then scoop them up in it and return them to the nest.
# Allow the mother to nurse for three weeks without any disturbance, not even cleaning the cage. Leave her, the cage, and especially her babies alone, with the exception of discreetly topping up her food and water. This is particularly important for the first time mother, who under stress, has been known to kill and even eat her babies.
# Wean the babies from their mother at three and a half weeks. Determine their genders and separate them (females in one cage, males in another) for another two to three weeks until they go to their new homes.


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