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sora no kakera.. May 6, 2008

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kono michi wo susunda nara, itsuka mata kimi ni aeru darou
Imawa ne, ano ita migaoshiete kureru
Kimi no kotoba no sono atatakasa ri to kage wo kokoro ni egaite
Hashiru toki…

Sono wa ratta kao ga yuki wo kureru
Nanigenai kotoba dake ne kimiga namida no hiwa
Tonde yuku rara itsudemo donna toki mo
Yurugana itte tote michi wa tsuzuiteru
Tsunagate iru…

[sora no kakera, dennou coil ost]

If I follow this path perhaps ill meet you again someday
And now, you know that pain has taught me everything
About the warmt of your words, you draw the light and shadow in your heart
And then you start running…

Yes, it’s the laughing face you make in that moment that fills me with courage
With just your spontaneus word you’ll fly away
On tearful days, at anytime, at any moment
Firmly hand in hand, the path goes on
and binds us together…



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